Pop Down® Drain Education

What's Inside Your Drain

Old Technology

If you could easily remove a pop-up stopper, this is what you might see.

Rotting, noxious, unsanitary gunk: nasty.

The traditional pop-up drain is built to clog, by design. The "T" slots in the typical flange allow grime into the overflow. Just because it's "free" with a faucet doesn't mean you should recommend it.

Pop-up drains are unsanitary, difficult to clean and, most of the time, they don't work.

The solution to the pop-up issues are to disassemble the entire drain from below the sink and clean it –over and over, year after year.

What's Inside Your Drain

Old Technology

It's a lot of work to take apart and re-install a pop-up, as you can see to the left.

Look at the over-flow slots: the trapped, rotting sludge creates a noxious odor. It's virtually impossible to ever clean the sink's hidden over-flow as the entire drain needs to be fully removed and the overflow scrubbed. We see this over and over: folks pouring cleanser down their over-flows trying to stop the smell.

Additionaly, the lever that operates the stopper acts as a hair-hook. The drain begins to clog and slow from day one. The p-trap starts to choke, creating one more maintenance task.

Are the pop-up drains in your home working now? Have you ever had to clean or adjust a drain?

We can recommend a better solution.

The Solution

This is the State of the Art in Drain Technology. It's Patented and an amazing innovation.

Showrooms such as yours are visited by home owners to learn more about the best and latest technology solutions for their bathroom design.

The Pop Down® Drain solves the issues of the old-school pop-up drain. There are no levers to adjust. Simply lift out the sturdy brass stopper, wipe it clean with a tissue and replace. It's so easy and the mechanism has a 10 year warranty.

The Pop Down® uses clever over-flow ports, keeping gunk out of the sink's over-flow channel.

Rinsing the removed stopper helps keep the p-trap clean and fast flowing.

It's fantastic. So, what do architects and designers think?

The Best Design Choice

The flush, seamless look of the Pop Down® in the "open" position is preferred by architects and designers for it's simple, seamless elegance. Unsightly pop-up drains are no more.

The jewelry friendly stopper flows great and meets or exceeds code required flow rates.

Push to close, push to open, lift to clean. What could be more simple?

Don't settle for a stock, packaged drain. Once again, just because it came with the faucet doesn't mean you should recommend it. Let your customer discover the difference.

Bounty Brassware: We're setting a new standard.