Pop Down® Installation Issue

Pop Down® Mechanism Issue

After the installation of your Pop Down® waste, if you find that it does not hold water when closed there may be an installation issue. A simple test can be conducted to see if water is leaking between the flange and the sink (an installation issue), or through the stopper assembly (a product issue)

To test, close your Pop Down waste and partially fill your sink with water –just above the metal flange. If the water empties from the sink but does not empty from the small well just above the closed Pop Down mechanism, it would suggest an installation issue where the Pop Down flange does not seal well to the sink. In this case you would need to re-seal the flange to the sink.

If the water empties from the basin and also empties from the tiny well just above the Pop Down® mechanism, it would suggest an o-ring failure on the stopper. In this case, contact us and we will promptly send you a replacement o-ring and/or mechanism.